Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 Days Of Creativity: Day 4

30 Days Of Creativity: Day 4 - Learn-to-Draw Drawings

Supplies: Learn-to-Draw book, paper, marker

I started off today with a loftier creative goal in mind. But, after staring at my blank project on and off for an hour (and getting more and more frustrated) I decided to do something just for fun. I broke out one of my Ed Emberley drawing books, found some blank paper and a Sharpie marker and went to town! I have many Ed Emberley books, but I chose Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Faces for this project. Mainly because it's the one I've used the least.

I cannot recommend Ed Emberley's drawing books enough. They are such fun and have easy to follow instructions. I love his books with vehicles and buildings most, so if I get stuck on a project down the line, I might create a scene with some of the many other books of his I own.

Like any learn-to-draw book, he takes you through each drawing step-by-step. Here's an example of one of the drawings I chose.

I went through the book and selected some other drawings that looked fun. Some turned out great, some didn't...all were fun!

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